A Fun eBike Matrix Compare Tool


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Feel free to check this out and tailor as you like. I added several ebike models.

A big shout of thanks to EBR and Court for all the hard work done to get the content.

One of my columns is Court's Rating (0-10). His work and experience deserve a spot.

Bike On!

*Updated 7/24/15


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I find it super difficult to get valuable feedback when there are not hard specs on a bike, and something more than a thumbs up/down. So I selected MEASUREABLE metrics in the spreadsheet.

Costs: Easy to find. MSRP. High priority and a must have.
Weight: Measureable. People have a limit in their minds of too heavy or light enough. You can tailor both.
Power: Specified as nominal, continuous. I thought about including peak power, but not all give that spec. Power equates to speed, and drives weight on sloppy designs.
Range: aka Whrs of the battery. Obviously, efficiency is a direct factor on range given equal Ahrs available. Efficiency would be a better, normalized parameter, but it varies on terrain, effort, etc. Whrs are measureable. Amount and quality drive weight and power design.
I do allow for two subjective inputs in the calculation. One is for overall quality, including components, workmanship on frame, finish, materials. The second is Court's rating. I think he has been many, many, bikes and his relative input is legit.
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