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Of course doesn't appear to be available in USA .
I don't think the US site is showing any 2023 bikes yet. Thats an interesting ebike, targeting the touring/trekking market. Built in rack on a full suspension bike with a MTB drivetrain and the full power yamaha motor and an 800whr battery...
I'd prefer the R&M and Giant Storm Guard over the Trek FS9 because their racks are mounted to the main triangle instead of the seat stay/fender, which is part of the rear suspension.
The Trek is a good looking bike, though. I like the battery side loading.
Haibike has Flyon, Yamaha, and Bosch bikes available in Europe in this category.
Nice to see some competition to the R&M homage.
At 32.8kg, it is slightly heavier than the Homage (~30.2kg)
And quite a bit heavier than the Trek Powerfly FS9 (27kg for the XS frame), but Enviolo Automatiq with belt and suspended rack are a plus in my book.
Wonder how small is the small frame for my wife...
Another ideal would be a Turbo Como 5 IGH with integrated rear suspension like on the new Victoria or Corratec or Cairon FS :)
Is there any news on whether this bike will be here in the US? It caught my attention because of the combination of mtn bike/IGH.