2023 Ripcurrent Upgraded Controller


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San Diego
So here’s the deal. I have an old Ripcurrent S, I wanted the upgraded controller since I want more power and the form factor limits its size to be able to fit in the frame.
I got the new controller and had to rewire it to fit a L1019 connector tor a 1000w bafang hub. Also had to order a new version 4 way split wire for brakes, lcd, and throttle.
All wired in and ITS A BEAST.
FINALLY POWER to spare. It’s a fast bike now. I’m happy with my bike. The wiring was a pain.
I recommend the upgrade highly if you know your way around wiring. I didn’t need to get a new type 2 4 way wire for the lcd and brakes and throttle, I could have made the wiring work but wanted less splices visible.
Now I need to work on batteries.
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