2023 - 48V & 52V 60Ah Batteries hit e-bikes for 100 mile range on throttle

Range test around Lake Tahoe by Area 13 e-bikes.

I decided to pickup the Eahora Juliet with what looks like the same 48V 60Ah battery. My neighbor calls it a 'girls' bike, because it is small and step through design. Looks like it would make a good commuter bike for someone with a longer commute or they wanted to charge it just once a week. So far seems a hit with food delivery services in city areas.

For me the Juliet is a toy test bike; I don't take it too serious, but just interested in the range possibilities. I'd like a couple hundred miles (w/ pedal assist) in a trekking e-bike. The Juliet it seems will get less mileage than the AQ177 since it is a heavier bike, but that is yet to accurately quantified. Eahora does not yet offer a 52V 60Ah battery like Aniioki does on a couple of their bikes.
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Took probably my last ride of season (Winter), and first ride of 2024 today. The Juliet has performed as expected. Well over 100mile range, more than enough power, reliable. I've only put just over 400miles on it, since the RCS is my preferred bike for my trips. The Juliet is like my commuter bike for groceries or other errands where i just want to get something done, or if i rode more than a hundred miles on Saturday with the RCS, then a shorter trip on Sunday with the Juliet Is nice. As part of the shake down though i took it on a trip over 100miles shortly after getting it and it had a fair bit of battery left. The only ebike that i have no worry about range on. That said it's more of a scooter than a bike which is why the RCS and 3 batteries is still my prefered ride. With 3 900Wh batteries i'm not too worried about range on the RCS if a battery does not fail. I had to adjust the handle bars with a riser forva comfortable ride position. Other than the ghost pedaling after assist level 2 (hence scooter) it seems to be a very robust and reliable bike at a great price. Would love it if Jucied used a 52v version of this 60Ah battery on their next bike. For shorter trips i'm using a regular bike, the Priority 600X with a Pinion gearbox and belt-drive. A very nice bike, but it's not geared well for the more flat New England terrain. It's been a good 2023 using these 3 bikes as my main transportation. Looking forward to 2024.
My wife’s 52V 60ah customized AQ177


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I was looking at that one also as I wanted the 52V battery, but the Juliet used more standard bike components and had the cargo capacity I needed. I hope the bike is working well for her. That battery is a game changer.