2022 Vado - Flat tire while on kickstand

That must have been an individual and isolated case. It does not normally happen. If you are concerned, you might remove the battery from your Vado and store the e-bike upside down (standing on the handlebars and the saddle). The only weak point here could be the display; my Vado is equipped with Ergon GP2 bar-ends and SQlab Innebarends, and these raise the handlebars so the display is safe in the rotated position when standing on the ground. You also could support the bars of the rotated bike on pieces of styrofoam to protect the display.
Great advice. I also bought this https://www.handlebarjack.com/ and I keep it with me on longer rides in a tool kit.
I just got my second flat tire since getting the bike last fall, both undetected until I find my bike laying down on the floor of my garage. Apparently, a flat tire in the back will cause the bike to fall while on kickstand.
Makes me rethink how to store my bike, do you guys not use the kickstand when storing the bike in your garage?
Yep. Same thing happened to me a couple months after I got my Vado 3.0. The rear tire went flat overnight and when I came down the the next morning, my bike was laying on its side. It took me a moment to figure out what had happened and at first I blamed the cat. However, I soon realized that if I don't turn the front tire to the left, the bike will fall to the right if the rear tire is flat.
A bit late to this party ... but I use these stands for a Vado SL and a (very heavy) Cube ... and they work very well. On Amazon they're termed Oxford Unisex DS437 stands. Used for the rear wheel they're rock steady. On the Vado SL EQ the rack usefully 'clips' over the top of the support and holds things even better.

No, I've no idea why the stand is described as Unisex either ...

My new Turbo Tero X 5.0 did the same thing, and now it has some fun light blue marks from where it hit my bench, non-kickstand side.