2020 Vado 4.0 broken battery pin


I think I may be the unluckiest Turbo Vado owner. Leaving work the other day I slap in the battery and notice the display showing a “No Battery” warning. Thinking it meant the coin battery in the TCD I replaced it but continued to get the same error. I noticed on my ride home that the power assist was in the lowest setting despite what the display showed (proven by my arriving home with only one bar lost on the battery instead of the usual 3). I removed the coin battery and now the TCD would alternate “Low Battery” - “No Battery.” Replacing the coin battery eliminated the “Low Battery” error. The Specialized app gave an error saying there was no battery. I removed the battery and noticed one of the pins looked a little bent, but nope, it was broken off.

In 4 years I’ve had two motor failures and now this…

Well. bad luck! I hope a Specialized dealer can provide a new wiring harness for your Vado and replace it!
That is a similar problem we had on the Turbo models. I had to remove the battery every day to charge it at my work desk. Eventually I had an intermittent connection and replace the connector. I learned to carefully place the battery and not slam it. It looks like the Vado part is available as an assembly S196800012 for about 70 USD using the incycle page as a reference. Incycle has that part on ebay as well.