2020 Civante Creaks like a rocking chair

I posted this in another thread, but adding it here to incase it's helpful.

What was thought to be a headset noise on my Urban Rush, ended up creaks from an un-lubed seatpost/seat tube. It was completely dry and metal on metal. Added some green poly lube/grease and all creaks are gone. The sound had resonated and traveled through the top tube and ended up exiting through the head tube area.

Was a process of elimination to sort out, did all the usual go to items like regressing headset and greasing and tightening stem bolts to spec. After all that, the same sound was still heard. Wasn't until I was riding no-handing in tall gear did I realize that the sound coincided with my pedal stroke. With no hands on bars, there was no weight on cockpit to cause creaks from front.

Sure enough it was the seat tube and seat post lack of any lube and I could induce the creaking and popping sound by adding pressure to saddle.
Seems like despite how much tightening and greasing done, the sounds do eventually come back in one way or another. Creaks just seem to be the nature of the beast with Yamaha. The Yamaha motors mount on the top side, perhaps that's why with all the flex that occurs in the bottom bracket area below the mounts. Whereas my Brose powered bike is creak free in the motor area because the motor has mounting bolts on top and bottom to make it more rigid when sprinting and mashing higher gears.
My Civante is now 3 years old and has 9000 miles on the ODO. I have logged 182 battery changes. That would be 49 average miles per charge. To stop the creeping sound, I keep the motor mount bolts tight and the bike still runs well. The only issue that I recently noticed is the ODO seems to occasionally stop adding miles.

I’ve ridden the bike hard and fast. I also have many thousands of miles carrying heavily loaded panniers. I’m happy with the purchase and feel the bike was a great value for the price in 2020. $3000.


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