2016 Superpedestrian Copenhagen Wheel Video Review

Tara D.

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The Superpedestrian Copenhagen Wheel is a near-silent electric wheel system available in 26" or 700c size, it converts traditional bicycles into ebikes and uses a smartphone app compatible with iOS or Android devices. No wires to deal with (uses Bluetooth 4.0 wireless connectivity), activates with a secure connection to only your account, offers three levels of assist and a regeneration mode as well as regenerative braking (pedal backwards to activate). Has been on pre-order for nearly two years at the time of t his review (no confirmation on delivery date), not compatible with disc brakes (only rim brakes), only available in red color, no smartphone mount included, no way to charge your phone while using it as a display panel.
Thank you for posting the review. I provided comments on the review page regarding the low rating - in my opinion.

2 days ago, the Copenhagen wheel Facebook page posted a letter to pre-order customers explaining the status, and delay, in getting the wheel out to the masses. They are sending some of the wheels out now but are delayed in their manufacturing process. They link a cute video of a Portland couple with the woman riding her Public Dutchie with wheel. Her reaction was the same as mine the first time I rode my Stromer - pure astonished joy.

I look at the Copenhagen wheel like the early days of the Tesla. Many delivery dates broken for the model S (and X), but all was forgiven due to the superior vehicle delivered. I think the same will happen here. Since I can't afford the Tesla, I preordered the Copenhagen wheel last week. Absolutely no idea if I will receive it in six months or two years but I plan to put it on the same Public bike as the woman on the video - just love it.