2016 Falco eMotors Updates from Interbike

Ann M.

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Court had the opportunity to speak with Rakesh, the creator of Falco systems and bikes.

Falco eMotors is launching a line of their own fully built electric bikes including a fat bike, hardtail and single speed city bike. In this video interview I speak with Rakesh Dhawan, the founder, about the hx500, hx750, hx1000 and hx1500. The higher power kits can go a bit faster but also just offer the strength you need for pulling a loaded cargo bike or climbing steep terrain. Falco also has a new water cooled electric bike motor and some beautiful motor shells so you can add some color to your bike (black is standard, they have red, blue, green and yellow now). Falco ebikes offer torque sensing pedal assist in addition to five levels of regeneration along with the option of a throttle. They use Ant+ wireless technology to connect with heart rate monitors so you can control your bike using your heart to increase exercise (but not go too hard).

The Falco Fat Rebel is $3,200 (that is their fat electric bike with a 750 watt motor), the Falco Trail is $2,200 (that’s their “comfort” hardtail ebike with a 500 watt motor), the Falco Zing is $1,990 (it’s their single speed 28 mph city bike with a 500 watt motor), Falco offers a five year motor warranty and a two year battery warranty.

Falco is offering a range of dropout sizes on their high power motors so you can use them with fat bikes (in particular, 170 mm spacing). Their motors are designed to work for people who are hauling heavy loads without over heating, in particular 500+ pounds without overheating (and you have that 5 year warranty on the motor). They use a silicon based liquid in their fully sealed motors, they were able to do this without increasing the motor weight much, the cover of the hubs can now work as a heat sink and heat dissipation. (Notes courtesy of Court Rye)