xp lite

  1. Booster

    XP Lite Max Charge Rate?

    I just received two XL Lite bikes, and I'd like to charge them using a better charger than the included 2A chargers. I already have a Grin Technologies Cycle Satiator programmable charger, and I'd like to know what the max charge amperage the BMS can handle in the 48V 7.8AH battery pack. 3A? 4A...
  2. S

    Lectric XP Lite first impressions (I'll update this after I ride)

    Well, my Lectric XP Lite just arrived this morning. The FedEx guy just left it by my door and didn't even knock so if you're expecting one perhaps check outside. I only knew because of my Shop (Shopify) app sent me a notification that it was delivered. The box was relatively undamaged except...