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  1. Mistadubb

    Looking for the perfect e-bike (if that exists)… for me!

    Greetings, here’s a not-so-quick story for context of where I’m at. My family and I recently made a big move from Miami, where I spent the majority of my life, to the hills of California, specifically West Hills. While in Miami, I tried to stay semi-active by running and cycling occasionally...
  2. K

    Trek Allant+ 9.9S Front Rotor - 203mm?

    I’ve got a Trek Allant 9.9S which has a carbon fork. It comes stock with 180mm rotors front and rear. I’m planning on upgrading the front to 203mm as I have a very long, steep downhill to get out of my neighborhood and I often have a hard time stopping safely at the bottom. It’s not uncommon for...
  3. K

    Tubeless Options for Allant+ within Bosch Circumference Range

    I'm looking for a solution to going tubeless on my 9.9S. I've had to change a flat on a commute and with a bike so heavy and loaded with panniers, it makes it a chore even though I'm adept at changing flats. I haven't had luck finding a tubeless road/hybrid oriented tire that's in the 2.2-2.4"...
  4. teddydanielz

    Allant 8s Newbie...what's going on with the Trek Allant line?

    I bought my first e-bike in early July. I couldn't find much at the stores around town but really appreciated the Bosch Performance Line Speed motor (I test rode a Cannondale with it and was hooked). I found a Trek Allant 8S 2021 model online. I liked the bells and whistles (rack and I thought...
  5. Goodleg

    1up Super Duty Double rack

    Just installed a new rack for two bikes. One electric assist and the other is not. Although I have not driven with the bikes loaded, it seems to do the job. Added the front tire stop and fender cushion.

    HELP: Trek Allant 8S or Cannondale Tesoro Neo X 1

    Cannondale Tesoro Neo X 1 or Trek Allant 8S? I want a Bike to pull my two kids on a burly trailer and do 50 miles per ride, I’m a strong rider that does 50-100 miles solo on analog bike with the trailer but get me super tried pulling kids, so I want ebike to make it more fun. I bought a 2021...
  7. Sparky731

    Introductions & Bike Garage

    Hello, e-bikers! From Madison, WI My wife & I purchased our bikes early May, 2020. We put on >2,100 miles before winter. We rode almost every day, fully enjoying the thrill of the ride. No hill is too high, no road is too long, nor wind is too strong. My wife has a Trek Verve+ 2, I have a Trek...
  8. T

    Trek Allant+ 9.9S daily commuting autumn to winter

    I bought the Allant+ 9.9S for my 15 km commuting distance. At the age of +50 the habit of sitting in a car is too familiar for me. Just for a comparison, it took a bit less than 25 minutes to the office downtown, with a car. Half the distance was motorway! I wanted a change for the healthier. -...