test ride

  1. l3n

    Aventon Level or....

    Hey All! I am considering my first eBike purchase. I want a Class 3 with a throttle and removable battery to use primarily for relatively flat city commuting in Philadelphia. I expect to rely heavy on the throttle during the hot and humid summer months so that I don't arrive at work in a...
  2. R

    Where to test ebikes?

    I can’t find a shop in the DC area that has any selection of ebikes to test ride. Any suggestions?
  3. Z

    Elby wins best bike for "I want to ride to work everyday" from Bicycling Magazine

    Bicycling Magazine Buyers Guide picked the Elby as the best bike to ride to work daily. Huge points for the high range (up to 80 miles), the ability for a family to share the bike (it fits folks 5'-6'6), and how fun it was to ride ("Just saying Elby makes me a happier person"). The brand...
  4. Over50

    First ebike ride - a Trek XM700+

    Was in my local Trek dealer today to buy a pannier for my regular bike. Surprised to see an XM700+ in stock. Awhile back the same store told me they probably wouldn't get anymore 2016s for regular inventory. It was a 55cm frame so a bit big for me but I test rode nevertheless. It was my first...
  5. Electric Bike Expo

    E-Bike Expo: Ride the Newest E-Bikes in Phoenix

    On January 15th, 16th, and 17th, the Electric Bike Expo will be at the Tempe Diablo Stadium (Phoenix, AZ) with 80+ of the latest electric bikes available for test ride; for FREE! The Electric Bike Expo is a no sales, no pressure event. Just come out and ride some of the newest electric bikes on...