First ebike ride - a Trek XM700+


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Was in my local Trek dealer today to buy a pannier for my regular bike. Surprised to see an XM700+ in stock. Awhile back the same store told me they probably wouldn't get anymore 2016s for regular inventory.

It was a 55cm frame so a bit big for me but I test rode nevertheless. It was my first ride on an ebike. I found it met my expectations at least in terms of the motor and speed. I only rode a few blocks but starting in a middle gear and middle power setting I would almost instantly be cruising at 15-16mph (with very little effort). Being a bit cautious I didn't push it past 20mph but up to that it was almost effortless. Definitely this bike would make my goal to commute to work 15 miles one way attainable. The motor was extremely quick to respond to braking and to start/stop of the pedaling. The only observation I had on the negative side - and this could just be my lack of experience - is the front suspension fork was a littly springier than I prefer. Not sure if it is adjustable or has lockout and maybe this is just because I am used to the rigid fork on my regular bike. Overall I was very impressed and wish I had started my ebike hunt several years ago. It was tempting not to buy the bike on the spot but with the 55cm frame I had to stand on tip toes to have any clearance over the top tube.
Glad you didn't get a too-big bike ;) these are too expensive to just get the first one you see. Take your time and be sure!
Glad you didn't get a too-big bike ;) these are too expensive to just get the first one you see. Take your time and be sure!
I just got a 700+ that is the low step model. It is a 45. I had a Madone 5.2 that was 56 so I had my doubts about the 45. However, for whatever reason, the 700+ bikes seem extremely high and the 45 fits perfectly. It is important to appreciate this confusing height issue and not get a bike that sounds like it should be fine from the number, but is way too high.
Hi all,

Late to the party but recently purchased an XM700+. I am primarily a mountain biker, where hard technical climbs are the norm. To go from that experience to riding the XM700+ up a hill -- wow!!! This could spoil me. I am using the XM700+ for a sweat-free commute to work and for recreational riding. The bike weight, riding position, and handling characteristics are so different to mountain biking that there is no need to compare one versus the other. Oh, and the electric motor -- that's different too :)

Actually, there is one comparable aspect that is already one of the topics in this thread: standover height. I too bought the low step version, and at 5'7" I am very glad I did. Even if I were an inch or two taller, I would seriously consider the low step.

I didn't expect to like this bike as much as I do. My wife and son are enjoying it as well. Hopefully we'll see some downward price pressure before I have to buy a new one for both of them :)
@Charles L., don't worry, the ebike party's just getting rolling :D so you're not late. Welcome to EBR! It's a happy family that cycles together. Please share a few pics of your Trek and where you like to ride.
I loved my test ride with the XM700+ when it came to cruising at 28mph, but the standover height was a deal breaker. As it is, my Trek Powerfly 7 has only a slightly lower standover height, which is unusually high for a mountain bike. I don't understand why the Dual Sport standover height is so much lower (but the reach to the handlebars was too long for me on the DS+ or XM700+).