stromer st2

  1. Petropoliskhan

    Whaaaat! New St2 Pinion coming in April!

    Hi, just announced: ST2 Pinion! The highlights of the ST2 Launch Edition: 6-speed Pinion gearbox, Gates carbon belt, continuously adjustable stem, ground frame, Pirelli Angel GT Urban tires.
  2. F

    New St2 w. belt drive - lots of vibrations on pedals and seat

    Hi folks! I am looking to purchase a speed peddled and I’m between a Trek Allant+ 9S and a Stromer ST2. I like what the Stromer is offering (longer range, quiet motor, GPS and e-lock). However, on a test drive I felt a lot of vibrations on the pedals and seat. Asking the mechanic he said...
  3. R

    Stromer ST2 vs Trek Domane + 2019

    Hi everyone, UK e-biker here. So im having difficulty choosing between these 2 bikes and i would appreciate your input. On one hand i've got a 2nd hand ST2 which is a demo bike which i can get for £4500. I just test rode this bike yesterday and took advantage of the 28mph speed and even went...
  4. Ravi Kempaiah

    Stromer HQ in Switzerland

    Stromer's HQ in Swiss is completely powered by Solar panels. [Just like the Giga factory!] I think that makes a strong statement about their focus and commitment. Feel free to post any relevant info about their operations or pictures.
  5. Ravi Kempaiah

    Stromer commuters

    I thought this was very impressive. This dude has clocked 10,000 miles in 10 months on an ST2-S. LA traffic is perhaps the worst in the nation. This guy must be really enjoying his E-bike commute. I feel empathy for those stuck in their cars during LA rush hour :) (Link Removed - No Longer...
  6. Ravi Kempaiah

    Battery sleeves for cold climate

    I have been experimenting with battery sleeves for my bikes. I commuted throughout the winter (last year) using studded tires, bar mitts and a battery sleeve. The bike handled very well. But those were my Bosch powered bikes and on some of the coldest days, my 400whr pack would only last 25...
  7. Ravi Kempaiah

    Hub Motor Vs Mid-drive comparison

    My friend, Adam has put together this awesome, scientific video comparison between his two drive systems. Few months ago, he published this excellent article about commuting on E-bikes and cheating. There is an existing notion that mid-drives are better hill climbers. That's true with a...