1. Tom@WashDC

    Frey Savannah Ultra - Cross Country (CC)

    Sorry for any redundancy. Posting this to the Frey Forum after I posted the unboxing to the General Discussion Forum. Received a tracking number from "Kathy" at Frey Bike 3-4 business days after submitting my order. Tracking number gave an estimate of 10 days for delivery. Bike shipped out of...
  2. R

    Looking for a commuter e-bike

    Hello, I'm looking for a commuter e-bike. I like an upright seating position and a step-through frame. I like a strong motor (450 and above) and heavy duty battery. I'm a big guy and live in San Francisco so lots of hills to deal with. I have been looking at Aventon and Ride1up. Any...
  3. A

    Best fast, comfortable bike for commuting/touring, under $4000

    I'll be using my bike for commuting and touring on both flat and hilly terrain. My budget is $4000. I'm looking for the following features, in roughly descending order of necessity: Top speed of at least 25 mph Upright seating position Mid-drive motor Throttle up to 20mph Swept-back handlebars...
  4. S

    BIKTRIX Swift ST or RIDE1UP 700 ST?

    Hey. I'm new to Ebikes and need some help deciding between BIKTRIX Swift ST or RIDE1UP 700 ST. I need the bike mostly for paved flat and hilly rides in SoCal. I'm a 5.7, 145lb. female and would like a step-through Ebike that is relatively low maintenance. Just wondering how these two compare...
  5. Z

    Step-through with rear rack carrier

    Hi, I visited a few local stores and couldn't find a bike that could satisfy these criteria, so I'm hoping for a few more ideas. This is for light weekend use, so range isn't super important. 1. Replaceable rear rack to accommodate rear rack child carrier (alternatively, anyone know of a...
  6. A

    Hub-less E-Bike, Really!

    Hello, Everyone, I am wondering whether anyone has experience with the hub-less electric bicycle shown in the link below. Thank you for your input. Al Canada