shimano 9

  1. Kriti Yad

    Zen Photon Pure | 780Wh battery (Upgradable1040 Wh UL 2271 battery) | 750W(USA) 500W(CAN) hub motor w/ Torque sensor & Throttle | USD 2099 | CAD 2599

    Hello EBR Community! We are thrilled to introduce the Zen Photon Pure to the eBike community. This is our second model in the 2024 Photon series, with a 750W motor torque sensing motor, two battery options for extended range, and IoT capability for GPS tracking. Specifications: Motor : Zen...
  2. LycheeQ

    What are your thoughts on Qualisports' latest Ebike Model 5?

    I've noticed that Qualisports' Model 5 comes with quite a few improvements compared to the Dolphin Plus. The color options seem to be more on the feminine side, although I personally really like the mint green one 🤩🤩However, it does seem like the Model 5 might have a slightly higher price tag...