What are your thoughts on Qualisports' latest Ebike Model 5?


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I've noticed that Qualisports' Model 5 comes with quite a few improvements compared to the Dolphin Plus. The color options seem to be more on the feminine side, although I personally really like the mint green one 🤩🤩However, it does seem like the Model 5 might have a slightly higher price tag. I'm in a bit of a dilemma, trying to decide between the Dolphin Plus and Model 5. Any advice?
Dual battery is option on the $1499 Dolphin, but included on the $1999 Model S. The latter also has wider tires at 20x2.4". They advertise 60-80 miles on the 48V10.5AH seatpost pack.

How realistic is the mileage? That's 500Wh so they're claiming 6-8 WH/mile. Perhaps true, if you stay in level one assist and cruise at 12 mph. We own several 20" folders. My wife at 125 lbs is the mileage champ, and she will get 6WH/mile on flat ground. I'm usually coming in at 190 lbs and 8-10WH/mile, but have been as low as 7Wh/mile. Don't mind me, I have the means to track this data on my bikes/rides so I do. Many thousands of miles on our folder conversions.

So, I ended up purchasing the Qualisports Model 5 for my sister as a birthday gift. The Fizzy Ocean color surprised her - in the sunlight, it transforms white into pink and blue into yellow.😁😁
It look weird to me because it look like a bike you can carry on a jet plane if you have a travel case with it.