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  1. R

    Advice needed: Injured Athlete Looking for an Electric Road or Gravel Bike

    I'm a former college athlete who switched into triathlons, cycling, and running once I graduated. After years of injuries, my knee just can't handle long rides with a ton of hills anymore. I moved to the Bay Area and live by some of the country's best cycling, but it's super hilly (lots of 10%)...
  2. C

    2022 Turbo Creo SL Expert EVO

    TLDR at the bottom. I'm new here. I live in a hilly area which has always limited the distance I rode my current road bike. I've always wanted to ride to the beach but was concerned that I wouldn't be able to make it back :rolleyes:. I started researching electric road bikes about a week ago. I...
  3. MDog51

    Bulls Desert Falcon EVO

    I have been researching this bike, I will most likely be buying this The components are outstanding...I have spent many hours talking to techs, reviewers etc the geometry is perfect, the tires can be switched to gravel if I don’t want the road tires. I am getting a Kinect suspension seat post...
  4. W

    Juiced Cross Current with Roadies Ride, Actually 2 Ironman Competitors

    This is from Jim Richardson's Latest Google Plus Blog Post: Juiced Cross Current with Roadies Ride. To date, I have been riding the Juiced CrossCurrent alone, and gauging performance against elite cyclists riding the same route but at a different time via Strava. I occasionally crossed paths...
  5. Alan Acock

    Why isn't there a "Type" for Road Bikes?

    The is wonderful. This post is not met to be critical of this wonderful resource. I'm a road bike rider in my 70s and finally realized I can't keep up with the younger riders in my club (or some old ones who are just plain better riders than me). I got a Trek XM700+ after...