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  1. M

    A new one. From Valencia, Spain.

    Hello from Valencia, Spain. It's been a few days since I joined this forum and I have already seen and learned some very interesting things in various aspects about some topics regarding electric bicycles. I have been a cyclo-tourist for about 20 years. I have traveled routes both in Spain...
  2. TerrapinBicycles

    Riese & Muller Prior Year Closeouts!

    We recently acquired 25+ new Riese & Muller bikes, mainly 2022 and 2023 builds. We want to move them along to help out with space, so the bikes are being offered at 20-45% off retail. Models span the entire R&M range! Photos and pricing of bikes are posted here: Terrapin Bicycles R&M Sale...
  3. eaphoto1988

    1500km+ journey with R&M superdelite

    Hi all, it has been a long time since my trip has finished, but did not have the time to share anything here. Plus, editing a month worth of photos and a video taken more time than expected. Trip: Ferry from UK to Hook of Holland via Germany to Lithuania, Kedainiai. This was actually plan D...
  4. Chris Nolte

    End of Year Sale at Propel

    I know I haven't been as active here as I used to be, but I figured I would share with everyone that we have a bunch of bikes on sale as we work to sell down some inventory for the end of the year. Below is a link to the sale section on our site, but feel free to reach out if you are looking...
  5. J

    (Updated Price)Riese and Muller Delite Mountain Rohloff E-14, Fox 34, Dual battery

    49cm Frame - Solar Orange Rohloff E-14 Electronic Shifting 2018 Model Year 380 miles (Barely used) Dual Bosch 500w Batteries Front and rear lights Intuvia Display Fox Float DPS Performance Shock (rebuilt by Fox with 1 mile on it) Fox 34 Air Front Fork Rohloff Speed Hub 14 Speed with Electronic...
  6. MokumFietser

    Pondering a Riese Muller purchase and could use some guidance

    I currently have a Tern GSD S00 LX which i love but I really want to buy a second ebike for my wife which i can use as well. I want another bike so we can ride together although she’s against the principle of an ebike. She doesn’t like the GSD as it’s too bulky especially with the 2 kids on...
  7. inakisoria

    Riese & Muller 2022 models. Rumors?

    Riese and Muller will introduce the new line-up (2022 bikes) in September 2021. What do you think they will present? My hopes... a Load 60 with an integrated battery. Please...
  8. S

    For Sale: Riese Müller Charger

    Sold - thanks!
  9. S

    For Sale: Riese Müller SuperCharger

    sold - thanks!
  10. E

    Charger3 being built this week - new R&M owner in Vancouver BC

    I ordered my Charge3 from Cit E Cycle at the end of Aug. The original build date was for the end of October. Now today I see that the Charge3 is being built this week! Very exciting!
  11. P

    Riese Müller Charger3 with Nyon display

    Hi, Any leaks if new Bosch Nyon appears for Charger3 ? I saw it already in configurator for Nevo3 model, yet not Charger3 nor other bikes. Is kiox and nyon easily replacable if i decide to buy nyon later having bike with kiox ?
  12. P

    Riese Müller Charger3 rear rack unmount

    hi, i really like design of charger3 model, but was wondering if there's option to unmout rear rack for my daily commutes and re-attach it if i really need it. i saw other r-m bikes without the rack, yet they have other ways to mount it, any ideas about that ? thank you for hints
  13. Chris Nolte

    Riese & Müller Nevo3 Early Release!

    As some of you may have heard there is a new Nevo and I made a video about the Riese & Müller Nevo3 Early Release. I hope you guys enjoy. I’m happy to answer any question based on what I know so far, but the basics are listed below. - Gen 4 CX & Speed Motor - New Size Addition to include the...
  14. N

    Hi everyone.

    Just introducing myself as a new member of the group. I am semi-retired and living in the English countryside (Norfolk). I ride about 150 miles a week and I have done two pilgrim rides to Santiago de Compostela: one starting in Seville (1000 kms) and one starting near Narbonne in France (1,600...
  15. A

    Smooth Welds?

    I'm starting to see that smooth welds are becoming an advertisable new product attribute. The new MATE bikes have them I saw on IG, and I believe GoCycle uses this as well. Is this the new trend? I'm surprised Riese & Muller and Tern have not made their welds smooth (the SuperDelite, Nevo have...
  16. A

    Riese & Müller Tinker vs Tern HSD S+

    I am in the market for a high-quality, premium electric bike, and I have basically narrowed it down to either Tern HSD S+ or the R&M Tinker. I live in a small apartment and need something compact. I currently own the Tern Vektron S10 and just can't get comfortable on it for more than a 15 mile...
  17. Chris Nolte

    Best Electric Cargo Bikes for 2020

    We have been fortunate to be working with electric bikes and cargo bikes since our inception in 2011. I'm really excited to share this solid lineup of electric cargo bikes for 2020. We hope you enjoy our list of best electric cargo bikes for 2020. If there is something you think we missed...
  18. Chris Nolte

    Rohloff E-14 Troubleshooting

    I put together a little video with some of the common challenges people have with the Rohloff E-14. I hope you find it to be helpful.
  19. D

    Gates Carbon Drive : User Experiences

    Today my R&M Homage's Gates Carbon Drive failed without warning – none that I was aware of, anyway. As far as I could tell, one moment the belt was perfect, the next utterly useless. Many of the 'teeth' were missing and the blue nylon 'facing cloth' was shredded. The belt had come off both...
  20. Chris Nolte

    How a Riese & Müller eBike is Built

    We put together a little video showing how a Riese & Müller bike is built. We hope you enjoy!