1. E14Delite

    Nyon Upgrade for Delite

    For those that are interested I queried R&M about what was needed to upgrade my Delite from Kiox to the new Nyon. The response from Customer support was, Thank you for choosing Riese & Müller. In case of the Kiox cockipit additional R&M specific parts are indeed needed. The correct article...
  2. Chris Nolte

    Deep Dive on the New Bosch Nyon Display

    We just got a Bosch Nyon display and we did a deep dive on it. I hope you all enjoy it!
  3. Chris Nolte

    Bosch plans to acquire COBI

    Some very exciting news from Bosch and COBI today. Bosch is in the processes of acquiring COBI the connected bike display. We're very excited about this as it seems to be a perfect match. Below is the text from the press release: Bosch eBike Systems planning to acquire the Frankfurt-based...
  4. J


    Is there a consensus on which Dongle has emerged as the most reliable? I would like more assist available on the flats, flow. Important for me in order: 1) native motor shifting still works; 2) system is reliable (I ride often in the outback); 3) display glitchyness minimized; 4) display data...
  5. K

    Questions on Nyon

    Hello, Recently joined to pedelec community with a Riese & Müller Roadster equipped with Bosch Performance Line and 500W battery pack w/Nyon... My first question: When selecting points in navigation, sometimes all three options of Nyon (fast, scenic and MTB) use a route thru abonboned and...