1. M

    KTM vs Focus

    Which of these 2 brands do you recommend for first ebike? Any advices from practice?
  2. N

    Hi everyone.

    Just introducing myself as a new member of the group. I am semi-retired and living in the English countryside (Norfolk). I ride about 150 miles a week and I have done two pilgrim rides to Santiago de Compostela: one starting in Seville (1000 kms) and one starting near Narbonne in France (1,600...
  3. robrob

    Buying KTM ebike in USA?

    I rode a friend's KTM ebike Mountainbike in Hungary for the last three weeks and absolutely loved it. Are there any real KTM ebike dealers in the USA? The only dealer that I could find was JeJamesCycles.com which only sells the Macina Chacana 293 for $4,248. Any other way for us Yankees to buy a...
  4. NoDTMF

    EBR's first KTM review!

    Cool, a KTM review on EBR. Still enjoying my 2014, no problems!