1. Tara D.

    IZIP E3 Vibe+ Video Review

    This bike sports an ultra-low step frame and is available in 3 sizes, including an extra small to fit shorter riders. I love the bright red color making it easy for you to be seen by cars and other cyclists. Check out around 10:50 of the video to learn a bit about the CAN technology on this...
  2. Tara D.

    IZIP E3 Zuma Video Review

    The E3 Zuma is a simple, no-nonsense beach cruiser. What is really unique about this bike is the "sleep mode" After 30 days it goes into this mode and the only way to bring it back up is to attach a charger to it that re-activates the BMS (battery management system) and then it is usable again...
  3. J

    New IZIP - shuts off intermittently - doesn't turn on

    This is a 2015 model that I just recieved. I rode it yesterday for 15 miles. Battery was fully charged when I started, battery was locked into place. The electrics shutdown (no assist and display blank). 3 times during the ride. Once at 1/2 mile, once at 7 miles and once at 8 miles. Each time I...
  4. Darrin Roush

    New DB Overdrive range discrepancy?

    I have a new Diamondback Overdrive (aka iZip Peak) that I'm concerned there may be a battery issue with. Court's review page indicates that it should have a range of 25-45 miles. My bike is indicating a range of 16-33 miles with a fully changed battery. This is more in line with the iZip Peak...
  5. S

    Shipping bikes from US

    Hey, I saw this bike called 2015 IZIP E3 Dash, and I'm really interested in buying it... The only problem is that it seems only to be available in the US... Now my question is, if anybody of you knows a business where I can send the package to which ships it to my doorstep overseas then and...
  6. T

    HELP - Charger for IZIP E3 Path+

    I just received my IZIP E3 Path+, unboxed it, set it up and went to plug it in...and the plug on the charger does not fit the battery. The pin placement is not compatible. The battery and charger both have labels saying they are 48V. When I look online I see pictures of the 36V system with...
  7. M

    Dash getting center drive?

    One reseller I got in touch with here in the Bay Area told me that he didn't have any Dash on display because "The Dash will be changed to center drive in a few months". Has anybody heard about that? Anybody able to try a beta version? Thanks
  8. NL7TK

    2014 E3 Metro Failure < one year

    Got this bike less than year in Eugene OR REI. Bike is at REI Silverdale, WA under repair. Tech claims Currie, is unresponsive. I wonder why tech can't diagnose first then get parts if needed from currie. Bike will turn on but show one bar of charge on battery read out then turn itself off. For...