error 30

  1. Bike&ski

    Fuell Flluid S1 persistent issue with screen + error code 30

    Hi guys ! I have a Fuell Flluid S1 1st generation (I believe) and I'm having issue with communication between the display and the controller/batteries. When I press the ON button, the display goes on but once I release right away the screen shut off. If I keep pressing ON, the display shows...
  2. COSCA Ranger

    Himiway Question PAS

    I just bought two brand new Himiway bikes . Unfortunately I was new to E bikes. Even more unfortunate is I hadn’t found this blog before I bought them. Like everyone else says there is no service from Himiway. We are on our own. That said I was on a long ride on a trail a week ago and just out...
  3. TomasCH

    BBSHD Pedal assist (PAS) won't work after controller replacement

    Hi guys, I'd really use some help with this. Recently I needed to swap controller on my Bafang BBSHD mid drive e-bike due to error 30 of unknown nature. Connected the new replacement from ALiexpress no problem and tested with throttle OK. After I assembled all the components back on the frame...