electirc bikes

  1. ebike888

    Hello From Sunny California

    Hello Guys, I am glad to be part of this forum. I love riding ebikes. I own about 8 ebikes so far and making videos about ebikes on my Dad's Channel . I love to hear feed back about your ebikes , feel free to share
  2. MrNoFluFF.com

    TREK DOMANE + HP: Warning Do Not Buy a Trek ebike Domane+ HP/LT Without Watching This Video First!

    UPDATE: 17 DAY OWNERSHIP OWNER’S REVIEW OF MY NEW 2021 TREK DOMANE + HP If you are potential buyer please understand I don't have a dog in the race nor am I bad mouthing the nice people in Trek. I am just sharing with you the problems I have had with 2021 New Trek Domane HP in the 30 days of...
  3. S

    Blix Electric Bikes Introduces Updated Blix Lineup

    Here are Blix we have some super exciting news! Check our latest release below: FAST-GROWING eBIKE COMPANY BLIX LAUNCHES NEW LINEUP Blix builds on stylish, sleek design with added focus of performance and utility SANTA CRUZ, California — Blix Electric Bikes elevates the rider-friendly appeal...
  4. krdugger

    New eBike Brand. Help me with Reviews!

    Hello. I'm the owner of a new electric bike company, Ride1UP.com. I know a lot of people probably think there are already too many and what's the point... I was tired of seeing cheap junk and overpriced corperate brands. I ultimately just want to see more people biking and less people driving...
  5. Gator

    US Manufactured Ebikes; Cost/Benefit Discussion.

    We started an interesting discussion about building/manufacturing electric bikes in the US. I personally would like to see manufacturing of all kinds, not just ebikes, return to the United States and it remain a component of a strong economy and stepping stone for citizens to enter the middle...