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    I would love some suggestions for the right e-bike for me

    I make a lot of short trips around town. Most are less than 5 miles and all but a very few are less than 10 miles. I feel guilty driving our gasoline car such short distances, but we are not quite ready to get an EV. An e-bike seems like an excellent option. But which one to get? I am 80 years...
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    IZIP E3GO (trike) no Twist grip throttle???

    My father, (who's 87 years young) ordered and received a IZIP E3Go recently. This is a TRIKE, and due to his age, his kids felt it would be 'safer' for him to ride (more stable than a 2 wheeler). He's had an electric 2 wheel bike for 8 years now. rides it everywhere. However, his current 2...