IZIP E3GO (trike) no Twist grip throttle???

Do you want a 'twist grip' throttle on your e-bike or e-Trike?

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My father, (who's 87 years young) ordered and received a IZIP E3Go recently. This is a TRIKE, and due to his age, his kids felt it would be 'safer' for him to ride (more stable than a 2 wheeler). He's had an electric 2 wheel bike for 8 years now. rides it everywhere. However, his current 2 wheel bike came with (and has) a 'twist grip throttle'. Not being electric bike owners ourselves (his children) but have owned and ridden motorcycles and scooters, we made the 'assumption' that 'ALL" electric bikes/trikes or power vehicles come equipped (standard) with 'twist grip throttles'. we discovered, too late, that this is not the case.
Al that is offered is a 'push button' 'boost' control. which does not perform as a throttle (similar to a motorcycles. scooter or like a foot control on a car.)
Not having this feature is a deal breaker, for my Dad (and I suspect it would be for many elderly people who just need a form of powered transportation, not a tool for exercise).

So, for those out there looking for a TRIKE with twist grip Throttle control, this is NOT your solution.
( I'm sure IZIP could offer this, why they do not.... Is a mystery. maybe they can reply?)
Hi JR.

Thank you very much for the reply and links to other solutions.
I checked them both.
The liberty looks good and has the twist grip, but the wheel are too small. if we could ge the larger diameter wheels, then it could be an option.
the Pedego (the model that was reviewed) is no longer being offered. They are revamping their trike solution. The rep at Pedego said 1t batch will ship end of March.
All presold to dealers.
the next production run will be end of July.
No specs or pics on their website, so I don't have the details on this yet. if anyone 'does' have the new info, please post.

just to note (to others reading this thread) the 'intent' was to 'inform' other elderly buyers of Electric TRIKEs that IZIP does NOT offer a proper throttle for this bike.
so before you put down your hard earned cash, be sure to ask the dealer (and tell them clearly, what you want.)

My wife has a Liberty trike. I would not let the smaller wheels stop you from buying. It has plenty of power and is able to climb very steep hills.

One thing you do not get pedal assist, the hand throttle is how you control the electric assist. My wife has MS and the low height of the Liberty makes it easier to climb on since she has to lift one of her legs with her hands

Good luck in your search.