1. D

    2018 Bulls Urban EVO 56cm for sale - now $2250

    Only 234 miles on this large frame Bulls Urban EVO, with Bosch Performance Line Speed motor and Purion display. Magura MT4E hydraulic disc brakes. 500WH Integrated power tube battery. Ergon ST Core Prime seat with BodyFloat suspension seat post. Front fender was removed but is included in...
  2. J

    Used Bulls Cross Lite E 2016-17 /CX-500Wh - Greater Seattle area $1,325

    Bulls Cross-Lite E 2016-17 with Bosch Performance Line CX mid-drive motor and Bosch PowerPack 500 battery and Intuvia display – this is a great pedal-assist commuter or leisure bike. Frame size: 50 cm; good condition with many upgrades. One of the key advantages of this bike is its weight – it...
  3. RichieFromBoston


    For those that are interested heres a real world story and review of the 2021 Bulls Copperhead evo am4 this is my second Bulls Review also did the 2021 E stream evo am4
  4. RichieFromBoston

    Just got a Bulls

    Never had an ebike ever, Im an overlander meaning I drive my 97 toyota land cruiser all over the USA and do cool stuff, hit crazy trails and try to get it all on video here: So Now Im leaving my folding montague paratrooper pro( that I specced out myself) Home and adding a 1 up bike rack on the...
  5. FezUSA

    Finally have an ebike! Bulls Sentinel 2.0

    After renting some bikes last year we ordered two bikes, a Biktrix Stunner LT 20"x4" step-thru, torque sensor for my wife; and a Bolton Blackbird for myself. I knew the BB wouldn't arrive until Nov at the earliest, so I rode my 26yr old Diamond Back Response Sport with my wife. Decided last...
  6. J

    BMZ Connect C Bluetooth module for Brose powered Bulls E-stream

    I wanted to share my experience installing and using the BMZ Connect C bluetooth module for my Bulls E-stream Evo AM 4, since I didn't find much info already out there. The bluetooth module is available direct from the Bulls website: https://www.bullsbikesusa.com/brose-connect-c-bluetooth.html...
  7. C

    Hello from Italy!

    Hello guys, I'm Christian from Italy. It's a pleasure for me to join this community. I've just bought a new e-mtb. It's the Bulls E-stream EVO TR2. Anyone having this bike already?
  8. Chris Nolte

    Interbike Update: Bulls 2018 Bikes for US (many new models)

    Bulls has many new models coming to the US for 2018. Below is a video of Court highlighting some of the bikes. I'm sure there will be many reviews to come from Bulls soon. Some highlighted models:
  9. R

    Lighting options for Bulls FS3 27.5+ using Brose Motor

    Has anyone had success connecting high output lights that can run off of the bike's power source. I have seen that Light and Motion carries an e-bike specific Seca 1800 lumen light. Wondering how the connection is made. Would like to use this for extended night trail riding.
  10. Ravi Kempaiah

    eMTB mode on BULLS

    I took the updated BULLS Six50+ for a ride today. My initial thoughts: Provides a certain level of cognitive ease. If your shifting techniques aren't sharp then the motor will compensate for it and the experience is quite enjoyable. Dynamic assist is useful when climbing some steep...
  11. Ravi Kempaiah

    How to Install Supernova M99 lights on your BULLS w/Brose system

    Supernova posted this neat video about how to install a Supernova M99 Pro on a bike with Brose system. They demonstrate it using a Rotwild bike.I have a Supernova E3 on my ST2 and have a M99 Pure+ waiting to be installed on my Haibike. @dsvogel you might find this interesting.
  12. G

    New to ebikes and new to Idaho.

    Hi All, I recently purchased a Bulls six50+ E FS 3. Picked it up in Boise,Id from Boise Electric Bikes. I haven't had a chance to test it out on trails much, as I'm new to the area and don't know where many are. My commute to work has been much faster and plesent though. I did get a flat the 1st...
  13. D

    Help! Bulls E-Stream EVO 45 FS OR Bulls E-Stream EVO FS3 Plus???

    I'm finally now down to 2 bikes, the Bulls EVO 45 and the Bulls EVO FS3 Plus... I'm really (I mean REALLY and SERIOUSLY!) having a hard time making up my mind between these two bikes. I can't tell you how many hours I've spent trying to research them and just thinking about them...
  14. Ravi Kempaiah

    Solid works rendering/animation of BROSE motor system

    A neat video highlighting the features of BROSE motor system and what makes it smooth and silent. I believe it's a solid works/3DS Max rendering but still a very nice animation. From my personal experience, the motor just feels smooth and natural! Brose allows little customization in terms of...
  15. J

    Bulls E-Stream FS 3 2017 or Turbo Levo Comp 2017

    Hi, am new to this forum and contemplating my first e-bike. Live in Ireland, so no support for either make here. Nearest dealer would be UK & EU for both. So, am buying online. Good deals out there too. Not a young man anymore but just like to go riding in our beautiful valleys & mountains...