Bulls E-Stream FS 3 2017 or Turbo Levo Comp 2017


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Hi, am new to this forum and contemplating my first e-bike. Live in Ireland, so no support for either make here. Nearest dealer would be UK & EU for both. So, am buying online. Good deals out there too.

Not a young man anymore but just like to go riding in our beautiful valleys & mountains again...like when I was younger:) These bikes make that possible. Can't walk long distances due to injury, but cycling is ok. Not madly competitive or into gathering the stats, just like the peace & solitude of the wilds. Our terrain is, well, challenging, so FS is good on these bones.

Build quality, good components, upgradability and range are important to me. I'm also a fan of good design so my heart would say Levo, although Bulls is ok in that dept. too. If the Levo had the Bulls battery range it would be easier. Also suspect the many gears of the Bulls might be challenging due to it not playing nicely with the Brose motor...but am no expert. Both are good companies.

I see the owner of this excellent site finally opted for the Levo, although mentioned liking the Bulls too.

Any help appreciated.

They are both great bikes no doubt! I haven't ridden the specialized, but a few things to consider would be the battery size and corresponding range, the bulls here can't be beat.

I'm not sure what you're getting at with the comment about extra gears on the bulls? While generally considered a plus, the bulls could easily be converted to a 1x11 drive train by any bike shop.

Finally another plus you didn't mention about the bulls is the simplicity. A power button, and plus/minus for the assist level, otherwise it is just you and the bike. With the specialized, you'll be dealing with the app, pairing, changing assist levels all on a second device that needs to be ready to go with you on your ride every time.
"You & the bike" - good one! Simplicity is good, although I wouldn't have a problem with the tech - I am well used to tech of all kinds. Yep, good point.

And yes, the specialised would want to have something really good to beat the range of the Bulls. Are you happy with the build quality of the Bulls?

What I was getting at with the gears was there was more of them to 'mash'. I had read, but don't know how true it is, that folks were complaining of gear mashing on both bikes, due to the nature of the Brose motor. Then I thought, if true, more gears might be a problem than less gears. Maybe care while changing gear gets over that problem...on both bikes.

Many thanks for the taking the time to reply,
I agree with everything pxpaulx wrote. I started emtb last year with a Haibike Xduro FullSeven RC with the Bosch CX motor, totally loved it... Until I bought a Bulls Enduro FS with the Brose motor a few weeks ago! It is totally quiet, much better range, and looks a lot more stealthy (i.e. not as readily identifiable as an ebike). I like quality, and the build quality of this bike and components are every bit as good as the Haibike if not better. I have no experience or have even seen the Turbo Levo.
Funny; at the Ebike Expo last winter I test road both the Bosch and Brose powered bikes at on the flat tarmac course both me and a buddy preferred the Bosch. Has a much more pronounced "hit" when in the higher power settings. However, in actual trail riding the Brose seems so much more adept and natural. The more you give it, the more it gives. Hard to explain. I was also concerned that the Brose didn't have shift sensing, but in reality it is a non-issue.
I'm sure whichever one you select your going to love it!
I've got the e stream evo fs 27.5 and live it. Great build for sure and quality components. It has the shimano shadow derailleur which keeps the chain taught and the great shifting is very precise. It had nicer components than my haibike (sduro) but the design from both brands are very nice and easily on par with a larger company like specialized.

On the subject of mashing the gears, if you know how to shift a bikes gears properly already, you'll adjust by the end of your first ride. The torque sensing is so precise that just lightly lifting off the pedals for less than a split second (the motors really do adjust as fast as you can think about it!) is enough to avoid mashing gears.
Many thanks again, folks. Not many folk chiming in for the Specialised bike. Think I'm converted here, though. Also I've found out I'd be paying a premium just for the Specialised name (a quality product nonetheless). No doubting the value of the Bulls now. I was fearing it might have been too good to be true, but you have allayed my fears on build quality etc. Generally, Germans do quality gear in-fairness.

Erring on the side of the Bulls. Found a deal on ebay from my fellow EU country (German supplier) - must check it out.

Just to be sure (I appreciate it's in German) but this seems to be the bike we're talking about - am I right in saying that? €3,999 ($4,239) - medium frame.


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That is the plus wheel version of my bike. Looks like it has slightly nicer brakes with all else being equal.

Is that really the best deal you can find over there? I've seen done UK shots with good ebike prices. I think there is a UK pedelec forum where you might ask about the best place to buy.

Here you go...

Many thanks again, Pxpaulx. I signed up for the UK site (Pedelecs) and asked the question about UK folks selling Bulls bikes. No reply to date. Good site. English people do this well...very neat & tidy, I must say.

Anyways, I contacted Bulls in Germany and they were really helpful. Seems we have no Bulls dealers here in our little Republic, as I suspected. In the UK there's only one, according to Bulls.
The UK will be leaving the EU somewhere in the next 100 years, so I'll try & support my fellow EU countries, if possible (assuming we'll have an EU left, I hope so!), ....uncertain future here with tariffs, protectionism, maybe a trade war all looming. Nothing changes but the changes, I guess. Figure I better buy this bike now and enjoy it;-) Apologies for going off topic, it's a national trait;-)

Bulls seems to be expanding into the US market more, and gaining a good reputation. Here's the link they gave me...
(Link Removed - No Longer Exists)
They're selling it for £3,999 Sterling, which is €4,704 or $4,906. My German ebay deal is looking better & better.
Thank you again for all your help...J
Glad you got all that info! One thing I would suggest before you pull the trigger...call the shop and ask them to beat the price you found. If that doesn't work, contact that eBay dealer directly and see if they have a better non eBay price...those ten percent fees might be partially avoided...lower cost for them, discount for you!
Well, I tried. The ebay offer is actually a large 'real' German retailer, which is great (they're not just selling boxes!). The price their offering is already discounted, and we know this to be true. Still, they did offer another 1.6%. No joy with the UK - take it or leave it.

I'm interested to know what this bike costs in the US? I'm assuming you're from the US? Whatever the price we'd slap a hefty 21.5% sales tax + customs fees onto it, so it's just curiosity.
U.S. price around $4,800. I have riden one. Very nice! Excellent brakes ,1 finger. Double chain ring upfront I liked. Seemed like I was using the small one most of the time. The plus size tires are ooooohh so nice. The small control on left handle bar , for power , is compact and easy to choose power assist. Very quiet and range is supposed to one of the best.
Thank you, Robbie. That price is in the same ball park as our prices here in Europe - good to know.

Good too to get another +1 for the bike. I'll admit too to revisiting the whole idea of buying it, purely on a cost basis - human, all to human;-) Back on track now. Your note was indeed timely. Hey, how many lives do I get!
Just a short note to thank the good folks on here for sharing their wisdom & insights. Job done, mission complete, at least this phase of it - the bike is ordered.

If there's an area on this forum for sharing photos I'll send some, when I get out there...
Congrats James D. Great choice,wait till you see how it climbs Rocky inclines. Tons of torque!! Watch out for leaving your key in. Remember the pedal crank 's turn can shear it off.
It's an excellent bike.
The EU spec is slightly different from the US version. Comes with Magura dropper seatpost. Here's the bike in action.