bulls e-stream

  1. Sweetwater

    First Brose ebikes for my wife and I

    My previous ebikes have all been Bosch motors and they have done very well. Between us, we've had #2 Bosch speed versions, mine sold with 3300 miles and wife still riding hers with >4000 miles. I've also had #3 Powerline Cx motors, Gen 2, 3 and still have the Gen 4 on a Bulls Monster E FS. My...
  2. J

    BMZ Connect C Bluetooth module for Brose powered Bulls E-stream

    I wanted to share my experience installing and using the BMZ Connect C bluetooth module for my Bulls E-stream Evo AM 4, since I didn't find much info already out there. The bluetooth module is available direct from the Bulls website: https://www.bullsbikesusa.com/brose-connect-c-bluetooth.html...
  3. J

    Greetings from a Bulls rider

    I've been enjoying ebike riding for a few years now, but it's been saving my health and sanity during the pandemic. Figured it was time to join the forum. I recently upgraded from a 2016 Bulls Six50 EFS+2 to a brand new 2021 Bulls E-stream EVO AM4. What a sweet ride! Loving the quiet power of...
  4. T

    BH Atom X Pro RC Review

    I exchanged a brand new Bulls E-Stream Evo 2 for a BH EasyMotion Atom X 27.5+ Pro RC hardtail. I felt at the time that the BH offered superior tech, a superior battery, superior quality and a superior warranty. Now I'm having doubts about that decision. I'm 5'11" with a 31" inseam and got the...