bike rack

  1. nishanthps

    Loading 60+lbs ebike onto Hitch Mast Style rack arms using climbing rope and top tube adapter

    We preordered the new specialized turbo como 5.0 2022 ebike which has a step through frame and weighs 60+lbs. We recently bought a pricey Hitch Rack from Yakima ( which has a mast style rack with two arms. I realized mounting the como with step through frame on this...
  2. M

    Wanted: KAC K2-RT Sport Ratchet 2" Hitch Mounted Rack

    Many bike shops in Southern California that carry the KAC K2-RT Sport Ratchet 2" Hitch Mounted Rack are sold out, including the manufacturer. Does anyone know who has a one in stock and is selling it? (After researching the various bike hitch mounted racks that are reasonably priced, has a...
  3. beam

    Good bag for pizza rack on Specialized Como 5.0?

    Hi there! I recently got a Como 5.0 and it came with a pizza rack. I'm looking for a bag or basket specifically for the top of the rack. Specialized sells a bag but it's out of stock. Does anyone have any recommendations? Ideally I'd like to commute with it, possibly pick up a couple things from...
  4. mbritt

    1Up Super Duty Single

    After looking at all the heavy e-bike hitch rack choices I ended up going with a 1Up 2″ Super Duty Single for bikes up to 75lbs. It seems really well built and comes with a lifetime warranty. It also has one of the lowest profiles out there which is important because I have two large dogs that...
  5. J

    Anyone know of a rear bike rack that works with Tesla Model S?

    Don't want a roof mounted one but a trunk mount. Tried the Tesla forums and there doesn't seem to be a tried and true option. Thanks.
  6. J.R.

    Car - 3 Bike Rack $127 - 60lb/bike - 180lb max

    Rite Up 3-Bike Hitch Rack Carries up to 3 bikes and folds up when not in use Fits 1.25-2" hitch receivers Folding padded center hoops stabilize load Installs in seconds Holds all types from 12-29" Strong enough to carry electric bikes too 60 lb max/bike Maximum Weight 180 lbs Type Hitch...
  7. X

    Are there Trunk Racks strong enough for an ebike?

    Hi all, I am really struggling... I get that ideally I should go with a hitch style bike rack, but good grief, by the time I get a hitch installed and buy a rack it's nearly as much as I spent on my ebike. I have a Subaru Legacy - Subaru would charge me $375 labor and $450 for the hitch. Are...
  8. Alphbetadog

    Tickets when using bike rack

    I recently installed a platform rack on my car. Although the brake and turn signal lights can been seen through the bicycle spokes but not that great. Also, the vehicle's license plate is not visible directly behind. I'm concerned that I may get pulled over and cited by the police, however I see...