1. 1000W48V

    Ned help with 48v 1000w bike

    This is my problem........ Everything was working great......parked the bike outside for a couple of weeks, brought it in to charge. However, after having been charged, I took it out for a spin and almost immediately the motor cut power.......only to be restored several seconds later.....which...
  2. bikerjohn

    Efforts At Replacing A Battery

    Here is some background on my effort at resolving my battery issues, after reading suggestions on EBR forums and advertisements from RPE, I made contact with RPE. First with an email communication back in September. Back then, RPE made a reply to my initial inquiry with a response which...
  3. bikerjohn

    Optimizing Battery Usage

    The 36v 12Ah battery for my EG Zurich is losing reserve capacity and maybe should be replaced. I have nearly 300 recharge cycles and 5100 miles tallied. The battery seems to be running out of power more quickly than when it was new. Making a call to (Link Removed - No Longer Exists) and...
  4. Bill R

    Scientists can now make lithium-ion batteries last a lifetime
  5. D9Delta9

    batteries questions

    Hi, i got i couple batteries questions: i might be purchased a NCRb 18650 52v 13.5Ah shark pack with "Long Range NCRB 13.5ah" option, from L*** . But I'm wondering if its enough POWER for the Bafang BBSHD?, there's an other option for that battery "High Power and Long Range GA...
  6. jhewitt3476

    Battery Upgrades

    Upgrading batteries for ebikes a possibly complicated question, so I'm going to separate it... My objective on my ebike project isn't power or speed, but distance, without overpowering the motor or having to purchase one or two EXTRA batteries. I want to get a 350w hub kit, but the...