Why aren't there any reviews on ZEV electric bicyles?

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I have been considering purchasing a ZEV harpie or a ZEV valkrie electric bicycle and though have not seen any reviews from EBR on ZEV. It appears that ZEV bikes are comparable to Stromer ST2 only MUCH cheaper (about half the price or less to be exact). Would you consider doing a review on a ZEV bike?
I think a better question might be... why hasn't anyone anywhere published a review. The bike sounds promising but even the Zev website does a mediocre job of promoting and explaining the product. I can agree the bike sounds promising if it's not vaporware.
Most of their bikes look like imported Chinese electric scooters, not ebikes. I only see two ebikes listed, and they look like confused, haphazardly-chosen chimeras made of cheap parts. For example, the control pad looks a 1980s clock radio from the dollar store:


I do like the frame that they're using, as well as the double-crown fork on the Valkyrie. Seems like they have decent battery capacity and decent brakes, too.

Their website honestly scares me. I wouldn't buy a bike from a company with a website that looks like it was built by toddlers.

I wish ZEV the best, but it's obvious that they're not serious about marketing their bikes.
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