WA Gov Inslee proposes rebate for ebikes in the 2022 state budget


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Washington state Governor Jay Inslee published his legislative and budget climate proposals for the 2022 state budget, on page 6 at the bottom it mentions $1,000 point-of-sale rebate towards the purchase of new and used ebikes under a broader EV rebate program to be managed by the State Dept of Commerce, and $11 million towards University of Washington Clean Energy Institute research on battery technology.
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A $1000 credit is a small price for the state to pay in the grand scheme of things I suppose but probably won't be too popular with the conservative population....I do have a problem with the high numbers like $11 million that just get thrown around like chump change....There are plenty of folks well onto battery science like @Ravi Kempaiah and others that hopefully will be sharing their findings as time goes along and it would be much cheaper if the research/resources were pooled?

However the lure of patents and their potential financial rewards will keep that from happening more than likely.
The exact wording of the proposal will come in due course but if the rebate really would apply to used ebikes I hope it would give the kick in the pants the industry needs to get serious about long term support: ordering to stock parts for longer than the warranty period, and providing more organized channels for purchasing a used ebike than Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. Just look at the Netherlands and the excellent tweedehandsfietsen.nl site where they have a large inventory of used ebikes they will deliver to any bike shop in the country. The tendency towards proprietary hardware hurts when production runs end and parts are not in stock anywhere. Yet some manufacturers make it work, you can buy from German ebay sellers a new OEM first generation Bosch motor core for a 2011 ebike, and that supports the European used marketplace. By contrast here in N America we have the (very excellent) Grin Tech having to step in to help now orphaned Bionx owners with their workaround to gut the motor (losing the torque sensor) to enable it to continue to be used with 3rd party controllers. A robust used ebike marketplace can only work with (any) coordination among suppliers.
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BRAIN report an e-bike rebate program was approved by the Washington state legislature. $300 rebate for all, up to $1200 for low-income qualified. $5 million funding assigned to the rebate program, plus "an additional $2 million would be used to create e-bike lending programs managed by municipalities, businesses, or nonprofits."
Jurisdictions have climate goals. Electric cars have a HUGE environmental foot print. Compared to a regular gas car, and electric car would need to drive 21,300 mile to match the environmental impact of a regular car. That is compared to a dirty car. But how about an electric car Vs. an electric bike?
As far as I can see, the governor hasn’t yet signed the bill, but since he proposed it, I would think it’s just a formality. There are a couple of things in the final bill that differ from the OP’s information;
1) the rebate max is $1000, and you must be at or below 80% of the median income in your county to get that. If your income is higher, the rebate is $300.
2) The rebate applies only to NEW bikes.
3) The bike must be purchased from a brick-and-mortar store…online sales are explicitly excluded.