Voltbike Urban Speed Controller?

Even if you found a way I am not sure it would do much. I've messed around with the settings to no avail. The controller is only 12A so the bike will peak at ~500 watts at full charge. Most speed pedelecs run 48v batteries and 20+ amp controllers. If you want speed at an affordable price go the kit route.
I am about to find out. Voltbike gave me cryptic manual in bad English. However, there is a top speed setting. Max is 50km. Mine was set at 32km. Just changed. Report back in a few hours. If works will tell you how. The manual covers 14 settings. However there is actually 16 on the controller. Dunno what the other two do. The controller is close to this one. Manufacturer must be JS.


Love the look of the Urban bike frame. Bought just over week ago. Put 300km on. Bike setup well. However having two issues.

My disc brakes are squealing insanely. Hasn't improved over 300k. The motor is ridiculously loud when under load. Both these things make riding embarrassing.

Voltbike is responsive. Am going to test alternate Urban to compare motor noise anyways. My understand is 8fun motors are supposed to be the quietest.

Any Urban owners experience this?

Previously i had a generic 36V Chinese bike. The engine noise never caused me concern.

Another thing. On level 1 assist, i find the bike starts with too much power. Lowered the sensitivity setting. Will report.

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So... Tested on the absolute flatness of Richmond just now. Throttle open, no pedaling, power adjusts itself to maintain 32km/hr on the nose. Didn't expect speed bypass to be that easy. It's hard wired.

There was a small improvement. Previous to adjustment, at 32km, it almost felt like the bike was slowing itself down. Trying to pedal above 32 was tedious. The speedometer seemed stuck at 32.

With adjustment power is supplied in decreasing amount up to 36km/hr when power zeros. That is a small gain that I will take. And you're pedaling pretty fast at 36.

Will post how when get home.

One thing... The motor seems to have no power on hills. Quite wimpy. I guess that's where 48V comes in.

I love the bike frame. I suppose the drive train could be upgraded to 48V by sourcing
Hi i attached the admin settings for the standard controller. To get to admin, with the controller on, long press the top and bottom buttons simultaneously.

Once you're in admin, it should display P01 or similar. Use the left button to navigate thru the P settings. The attachment describes what each does.

When you're in a setting the top and bottom buttons are for making the setting and the right button saves your choice.

P08 is your speed setting. It's probably on 32 and you can increase to 50. However, my results....


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