Understanding e-assist.

Ravi Kempaiah

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This video has been floating around the internet for couple of weeks and I have really begun the appreciate the e-assistance more after watching this.

Here, a World champion sprinter is made to power a bread toaster via a stationary bike. Normal bread toasters work at ~700W and an elite athlete like Robert can only keep up that wattage for a few minutes. It is far easier to sustain 350W for prolonged periods. from the video, it takes 21Whr to toast a bread slice. A normal battery pack on an ebike carries ~400 Whr (so, 1/20'th )

Putting that into context, 350W motor (nominal) can help you with additional 350W (yeah, that is 1/2 Robert)!! Even though an Easy Motion motor is rated at 350W, it won't put out 350W always (e.g: in ECO mode) But in higher assist levels or full throttle, you're getting more / close to the peak output value.

So riding such a bike = having half Robert on your side :)
Really enjoyed watching this video and it's an excellent demonstration of how much assist we are getting.

If my legs ever looks like Robert's I'm quitting cycling! (I'm not too worried).

So next Sunday morning, this might happen....

PowerMe after a 30 mile morning ride, feeling absolutely upbeat, goes to a restaurant for brunch.

Waiter: "What would you like to order, ma'm?"
PowerMe: " two Roberts please....."
Waiter: "Sorry, what?? I didn't get that...."
PowerMe: " never mind, I meant two toasts...." and "I ride with half Robert anyway ;) "