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Hey E-bike community. I work at a LBS and we sell Specialized turbo bikes. Recently we had a customer bring in his Vado 3.0 complaining of drag. We used all of our tools and tested the bike and found nothing wrong with it. I went out and rode with him and it seems that he is going from eco mode and then turning off the pedal assistance and only turning it back on when progressing up a steep hill. Our conclusion was that when he turns off the pedal assistance and then turns it on again he is giving the motor more force to deal with and that is why it seems that there is a drag because the motor is trying to keep up with being turned back on. Please let me know if you all have ever dealt with something like this or have any advice that I can give to teh customer!

For the torque sensor calibration to work properly, no pressure should be applied to the pedals whilst powering on the bike. Your customer should stop pedaling during the entire sequence whilst turning back on the drive... With incorrect calibration the drive will give less assist (hence more drag). Maybe that’s the issue.
Thank you!