ToughRoad GX E+ phone mount options


Currently I have a QuadLock for my Max12Pro on my non E Specialized Diverge, and it mounts where the EVO dash sits on the Giant.
It is not critical, but I use Cyclemeter Elite to "talk" to my Apple health and MyFitnessPal and review/document my stats.
I understand these stats will still be recorded via my watch and phone even if I can't see them while riding, but I have been
spoiled with all that information...HR...route, splits, last pace graph etc a glance, and music control.
Siri is not my pal, when the wind is roaring past my AirPods...and please, no flames about the dangers of riding with things in my me,
in transparency mode (the only safe mode for riding or walking in public or near traffic) I can hear my tires crunching through gravel,
and normal conversations, and yes, bike bells and "on yer left!" yells. I just really need my Vivaldi, Led Zepplin, Rippingtons, Saga, E.L.O. , Fleetwood Mac,
The Cult, Bach, U2, Talk Talk, Bad Wolves etc etc.
I don't think one of those top bar bags with the plastic clear "window" thingies will work for me, but if that's all there is, it shall have to do lol.

So any input or experiences would be appreciated.

I use the (somewhat expensive) Peak Design Out Front Bike Mount ($70). It requires the Peak Design Everyday Case ($40) which you can use with other accessories, including their nifty smartphone tripod. The mounting system is very strong, a combination magnetic and mechanical latch. The Out Front Bike Mount allows mounting your iPhone in either vertical or horizontal orientation and is compatible with bar diameters 22.2mm (7/8"), 25.4mm (1"), 31.8mm (1-¼"). Not compatible with 35mm handlebars, tapered handlebars, or non-round bars.
Thanks so much for your prompt and informative reply...we have Peak gear that we are impressed with :^)~
However it appears to be almost identical to my current QuadLock mount and case. ...I will probably need to buy the stem mount, and adapt it to the top bar.
Looked at the Peak pics the one pic it's mounted THAT might work...I'll get back to ya.
One of the bullets points for the Peak Design Out Front Bike Mount says, "Can be installed in reverse to be used in conjunction with an on-board cycling computer."
Well, went for my first electrically assisted ride today...what.a.blast!
The good...fits like a glove, SRAM, QR wheels, easy to read dash..AND my old QuadLock phone mount JUST fits when reversed, and my knee clears it.
The bad...I'm never going to break my on-the-flat conventional Diverge speed of 47kph * I lied *...not on a 50lb bike lol...but the Giant sure gets to the 32 limit in lickedy-split time ☺️
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Is it just me? or does it appear that Giant went out of their way to ensure no one could mount a Garmin or phone..even went so far as to extend the housing over the top edge of the stem so a stem mount was also canceled....hmmm. Not my model, but still, removable or relocating options would be nice on all models. Really..just look at the real estate this thing is taking up 😒...anyone? Beuller? Giant engineers/marketing CEO?
Ouch... you could 3d print a bracket for each side of the Giant display, and hang something forward of said display, but yeah, geesh. Why do they have to make it so hard?