This is a really bright eBike headlight


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At first I was using a discrete battery powered bicycle headlight on my eBike, but replacing battery's got old fast. I found a eBike headlight on eBay that uses the bikes battery supply, and comes with a dc to dc converter that works from 12 to 90 vdc. The light is about 800 lm, and unlike a lot of bogus claims for the brightness of LED lights, this one is for real. My testing has shown that this light is dependable, and pretty high tech in comparison to many LED lights. The current draw is less than 0.28 amp on my bike with 72 vdc supply voltage, but even down to 12 vdc in never goes above 0.50 amp. The light housing has a very effective heat sink body, and in normal use never get more than slightly warm to the touch when riding. Powerful LEDs that don't make much heat is indicative of a high quality micro processor.

This is a link for the light. The only catch is, it doesn't come with a very useful mount so you'll have to fab your own, but for $33.24 shipped it's worth it. I made an adjustable mount from a $2 door hinge.

It's hard to believe such a little light puts out so much light. It's so bright though, that I have to keep it aimed very low in town to keep cars from flashing me.