Superdelite front wheel quick release axel

2018 Charger Enviolo
2019 Nevo Rohloff
2022 Load60

All three with Suntour front forks. In the case of the Load, it is hard to find another fork for a 20" front wheel.
Hi all. Just giving you an update after I received my bicycle back from service. Thread was damaged and that was the reason it would lock up and not come out.
Thank you all for the suggestions and help. Maybe this thread will help somebody in the future.
Yep, I was shocked while hearing all of what I can't do. I get the warranty part but I would think this is for more deep modifications etc. That is why they don't have how to explanations on their website and only one guy on YouTube has some videos that were helpful. I remember when I changed my seat and had sooooo many hours spent on it :D There was this spring attachment I was not aware off and it came off. Since I have a leaver to push it down or up (nice feature) they were shocked when I told them I replaced it myself. They said I should bring it to them with the seat for replacement in the future. Funny part is that I fixed the mechanism by re-doing it myself. The first free service they did made the seat lock up and on my ride back home it almost made me crash into a car, because I let the seat down to stop and wait but when I saw an opening thought my seat is all the way up, but it was not and lost my balance going straight to the middle of the road. Second time it just went by itself while cycling and scared the s*it out of me. But again, I am not allowed to fix it... Just like they did not really apologise for the fact that I had to re-adjust my front and back brakes after golden service. Had to emergency stop and almost went over the front of the bicycle because they made the front brake super sensitive and the back ones barely doing anything. This is even with ABS! When I told them I had to take the back wheel and adjust the brake pads, they were also not impressed because I was not allowed to do that. R&M made sure that carbon belt system is super hard to replace or take off. Micro-credential courses offer focused and efficient learning experiences, allowing you to acquire specific skills and knowledge in a short timeframe, making them ideal for professional development and upskilling.
Anyone have advice on pluses/minuses of a quick release threaded axle verses one that is an Allen head or something similar that requires a tool to remove?