SS-Glide Plus after 1,200 miles


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Just a follow up on an SS-Glide Plus I bought about 1-1/2 years ago. I wanted a simple bike thinking that it would be easy to maintain, and that has turned out to be the case. In the time I've had this I haven't had a single issue with this bike. I've treated it fairly well, but I haven't babied it and at one point it was on an outside bike rack (the battery, of course, wasn't attached) while being exposed to torrential Florida rain for 2 hours - I was sure I would end up having issues, but after letting it dry for three days upon turning it on there were no issues whatsoever. I have added an inexpensive seat-post suspension (I keep the tires at about 85psi and since this bike has no suspension it was a bit harsh to ride), lights and a pannier for the rear rack, but that's about it. Since I live in Venice, Florida it's flat as can be, so being a single-speed isn't an issue, but it is a huge plus to not be fiddling with gearing, it's just really nice to enjoy riding and not all the gadgets. The original battery is still good for about 27 miles if I use pedal assist and keep it at level 2, which is what I always do, but if I ever need a new one they're dirt cheap and if I want more range I can use the spare I got and just place it in the pannier. The throttle which a lot of people seem to hate has been an absolute life saver when crossing busy intersections - between the people on their phones and the large number of very old drivers being able to quickly get up to speed is great. I know a lot of people enjoy having the newest gear but if you live in a relatively flat area and want a simple bike you don't have to baby or worry too much about having it stolen I couldn't imagine any other bike that is such a pleasure to own. My wife has a much more expensive ebike and I hate riding it and having to mess with shifting gears, tons of worthless information on the display, etc. Plus the SS-Glide is so stealth no one even knows it's an ebike. Last but not least Dave (the owner) has been great to deal with the few times I've talked to him.
That's awesome! Everybody loves certain bikes for different reasons and very happy to hear yours is working out well for you. I'm sure others will find this information helpful -- thanks for sharing!