Specialized Turbo Vado motor to battery wiring - help me identify


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I just bought a used 2018 Turbo Vado 6.0 which had the battery stolen (Abus lock was drilled out). The original owner didn't want to deal with issues with the bike as when he took it into the LBS and have them install a replacement battery, it did not work and they were going to charge him a bunch of labor to search for the problem (don't know if the LBS did the wire cutting to disable the motor). I got in on a good deal and started to take the bike apart. Dug in and found out the wire that plugs into the motor was cut. Wires coming from the battery matches the color correct but the gauge size is slightly smaller so I know it was not a direct connect to the motor wire. Seems like there was some sort of connector in between this? (see attached image) Worse case I can just extend the wire and solder it back together.

Secondary, someone locally is also selling a 2020 Como pretty cheap. I was going to rob that battery to use on the Vado as well as the Abus lock and the charger so I have a spare. Is the Brose 1.3 an easy motor to sell to recoup some of my cost of buying the Como. I was going to part out the rest of the bike as well.

Thanks in advance.


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