Specialized On-line Orders


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I recently purchased a pair of Como 4.0 IGH bikes. I decided I needed to add handlebar bags and a couple panniers. I found them on Specialized's web site, placed them in my shopping cart, and tried to order them only to receive the cryptic error message "Payment Authorization Failed" with no other explanation given regardless of the payment method (credit card or PayPal).

This was on a weekend, so, of course Specialized was closed.

Monday, I called Specialized, and no one answered the phone, just the usual impersonal bot that cannot help you but can route you to a hold que and play annoying music.

Got through to someone via chat and was told that Specialized does not accept P.O. Boxes for shipping. Where I live in rural Colorado, there is no postal street delivery, only PO Boxes. No indication of that restriction on Specialized's website. And, to process the order would require 8-9 days plus 3-5 days for delivery, so about 2 weeks.

Not exactly the sort of service I've become accustomed to with other on-line purchases.