Shortage of e-bikes?

Can't find any Boomerang Platinums in Florida. There are some in NY and they will ship to my local dealer but I'd have to pay shipping cost (which the dealer wouldn't quote).
They are also unavailable from Pedego's online store:

The platinum edition is quite popular right now.

Check the website above every so often. You could also email them. They might be able to put you on a list or notify you when they become available.

Welcome to the forum and good luck with your quest!
Thank you. I've been checking their online site for the past six weeks. I might drive back to the local dealer and see if he can help. He was very patient with me when I tried out several bikes.
Not a Pedego but my wife loves her Biria Easy Boarding bike that I installed a front hub motor. It does great for her including on hilly routes and almost every time she goes for a ride she gets questions and compliments. The very low step over height is important to her. Now she uses a much smaller battery on the back rack that is barely noticeable. The battery in the image would assist for well over 50 miles which is much farther than she needed as most of her rides are in the 10-15 mile range.
Good luck with your search.