Shimano vs Bosch ; AMD vs Intel

Anyone shilling for Shimano must never have ridden bikes before Ebikes!!
They are the most hated name in bicycling for very good reason! They make proprietary drive train components, change them almost every year and make them NOT BACKWARD COMPATIBLE so you have to change out everything.
Ask ANY bike shop mechanic.
They suck ROYAL ASS.
Anyone that thinks their weak Shimano Emotor is competition, much less better, than Bosche is clueless.
WOW! Poor response, no reason to insult by calling or inferring someone is a shill. Riders like what they like. And many shops sell, service, and support Shimano. Hopefully we can take this down a notch. Respectfully.
We own a shimano steps and bosch cx. Both are excellent drive systems, CX is considerably more powerful but that is to be expected 50vs75nm torque. There is nothing in it between them on power delivery and noise. Both are excellent at low speed especially inching around low speed corners. Bosch 25kmhr cut is smoother than Steps. Shimano leaves bosch for dead with controls and display, biggest complaint with bosch is assist buttons they useless, to easy to double or triple shift assist levels. Step show battery in percentage while bosch is 5 x 20% bars. The Shimano mtb version takes controls and display a step further see reviews.
Don't like Bosch small chain ring to difficult to clean and they wear out quicker.

Battery charging on Steps is quicker 40% in an hour, nice top up while having lunch. Charger is bulker and has large adapter which can be lost, compared to bosch tidy unit.