RHINO IR-21700 BATTERY PACK where can i get one of these battery packs that do 30ah

Always winter

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this one is from "american electric" i dont know if there are other companies that make this particular battery or not but does anyone know of where i could buy a battery that fits this but at 30ah or more?

on american electric site the RHINO IR-21700 BATTERY PACK is supposedly compatible with these bikes listed below. i have a snapcycle r1 would like a 30ah or more battery but no idea where i can find one that will fit as on there site they only have up to 20ah available dont know if thats all that fits or if they just dont have a 30ah battery pack with those specs

anyone have any of these bikes know where to get a 30ah or 40ah battery? can maybe match it up on there site to see if battery is same as RHINO IR-21700 BATTERY PACK

  • Rambo Venom
  • Rambo The Megatron
  • Rambo The Prowler
  • Eahora XC300
  • Eahora ACE
  • Emojo Breeze PRO
  • Emojo Hurricane PRO
  • KBO Electric Cargo Ranger
  • Belize E-rider Yul Mid-drive
  • Ride1up Cafe Cruiser
  • Ride1up 700 Series
  • Darrvin Rove
  • Darrvin Crest
  • Darrvin Peak ll
  • Himiway Scape Pro
  • Heybike Cityrum
  • Heybike Brawn
  • Fahora XC300
  • Fahora XC300 Max
  • Fahora Ace
  • HPC Trailblazer
  • Snapcycle R1
  • Snapcycle R1 Step-Thru
  • Darrvin Rove
  • Darrvin Crest
  • Darrvin Peak ll
  • Darrvin Peak ll Blue
  • Darrvin Outlet
  • MagiCycle Deer
  • MagiCycle Ocelot
  • MagiCycle Ocelot Pro
  • Dost Kope Chain
  • Dost Drop Chain
  • Dost Drop CVT
  • Dost Kope CVT
  • Dohenybike XTS
  • Fission Cycles FM 750X
  • Fission Cycles SO 500
  • Fission Cycles ST 500
  • Voltbike Bravo V2
  • Voltbike Elegant V2
  • Voltbike Mariner V2
  • Voltbike Yukon V2
  • Voltbike Yukon V2 Step-Thru
  • Wattwagons Hidra (Gen2)
  • Wattwagons Helios
  • Surface604 Twist
  • Voltaride Tucker 750W
  • Coastal Cruiser Electric Bikes 750W Folding Step-Thru 20x3
  • Aostirmotor 52V All Terrain
  • Volton Action Mid Drive
  • Ride 1UP Cafe Cruizer
  • Ride 1UP 700 Series
  • Fahrbike Terra
  • Fahrbike Cruz
  • Fahrbike Roadster73
  • E- Himo C26 Max
  • Epic Fold UP Extreme
  • Oto Ebike Cargo Ebike
  • Hiboy P7
  • Perraro Falcon Foldable
  • Bee Cool Bikes Pathfinder
  • Bee Cool Bikes Pathfinder Step-Thru
  • Denago Folding 1 Ebike