Rad Power Bikes In trouble?

This will be interesting to watch and learn more about the safety of these batteries. The more I learn about ebike fires, the less desire I have to get a Tesla. So much energy in those batteries. I even get nervous having two ebike batteries in my house at times. I suppose one option would be to park outside the garage
Well then, think for a sec how much energy is stored in your gas tank. Same catastrophic risk, you are just accustomed to it. There are safe ebikes and BEVs. Never 100% but well within what you would consider reasonable limits.
Plus the Aventon one coming Feb 28. And the cargo cruiser that Ride1Up already offers for $1400

Rad's target market is people who have a friend with a Rad and have never heard of any other e-bike brand. Because if they did, they'd buy that instead... Aventon, Lectric, Ride1Up, Juiced - for most anything you'd want, those brands offer better value, higher speed and with no record of battery fires.
It’s hard being a new homeowner I guess