Ortler Bern Wave E Bike


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United Kingdom
Hi Guys / Ghirls ,

Well im new here first post on forum
I decided a month or so ago to splash some cash on my first ever Ebike and decided to go for the one mentioned
from Bikester in Germany , im from the UK but when going into stores here i mainly seen e bikes with deraileur gearing
and i just wanted to stick with gearing inside hub of the bike same as my old trusted non ebike had
reason for going for an ebike and this took me some time to get moneys together and eventually
splash the cash , is same as many people at a certain age and thats with back problems
and feeling the pain when riding . Another thing is display screen shows up in German how can i get this put into English ?

The Shimano Steps battery came with the bike and already had 2 x green lights appear when switched on
i sent away for an adapter Eu to Uk adapter with 5 Amps so as i can charge battery fully
and still awaiting for the adapter to arrive , said to be tomorrow 22nd June 2022 and i look forward to such
although rain is forecast this Friday here in UK i heard via forecasts , but been fantastic weather recent times although i couldnt get out to try bike
until earlier today , and as sais the battery came with the 2 x green lights on , and my first thoughts just trying it out today around the block
was WOW i love the push you receive when it kicks in , and id like to ask is it right that i keep pedaling whilst i click on the power trigger
to kick in ? or can u wait until ebike is "free wheeling" then click on the power to work ?

Sound silly i know but im new to e bikes but as said enjoyed the difference and faster it was certainly
as well as much smoother running than my old non e bike ..i look forward to rest of this Summer
and years ahead with the new e bike . Only matter is my 2 x Ortlieb Pannier bags like new as got them for old bike
just last year and they dont fit my new e bike :( Anyhow wish all you guys / ghirls safe riding and fun along the way .
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