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I'm tired of the floppy bags that won't stay straight and firm and look sloppy.
I've purchased mounting racks from various companies (Racktime for the 2021 model) and the UniKlip from Klikfix (which works with the 2022 model Vado/Como).
However, once the bag is mounted on the adapter, it gets sloppy over time and wobbles.
I like the firmness of the plate and bag as represented in the links below.
So the question before I get the pair, has anyone done the Omni Quicktrack Adapter with an MTX trunk bag....successfully?
Easy or no go?
Having owned an MTX trunk bag and Explorer Disc rack on another bike, I considered that quicktrack adapter for my Vado 4.0 and a Topeak bag, but preferred to stick with the MIK system for the Vado.

So I bought a MIK adapter plate and attached it to the bottom of a Topeak MTS Trunkbag DXP (not MTX), using a piece of sheet plastic inside the bottom of the bag. I cut the plastic from the bottom of a cheap rectangular basket from Target. Once I templated the location for the screw holes through the bag I punched them with a hot nail (held in vice grips and heated red hot in a torch flame)

Works great with no floppiness, seems to remain as steady as my MTX bag was.
I did a similar thing with the KlikFix adapter, using a piece of thin plastic outside the bottom of the bag. I'll try it on the inside to see if it is any better. Thanks for your input.
Looking at the Klixfix adapter online it seems not to have as much middle structure as the MIK adapter plate.

If a piece of stiff plastic doesn't work, a bit of aluminum sheet surely would. The nice thing with the Topeak is the interior padded piece at the bottom folds up so you can put whatever is needed underneath
Never pursued it, however I got another trunk bag to experiment with.....thanks for waking me up
Never pursued it, however I got another trunk bag to experiment with.....thanks for waking me up
Booo. I just want to confirm it doesn’t interfere with the radar or brake light. And works on the vado rack.