Nice vision of a future ruled by bikes

Thanks for sharing! great read...

It will be interesting to see how things turn out in the next few years. I agree with what was stated in the final paragraphs about people's hesitation to ride along cars in traffic and dealing with weather.

I am closing in on around 1000 miles riding in traffic and can relate with people's fear of it. I hadn't really noticed how much it subconsciously I was even aware or fearful of it till I road on a few concrete protected bike lanes in my city! As soon as I road in that protected lane (not just by paint on the road or even the platic cones, but actual concrete protection) did I really feel safe! lol

And weather, I am more ok with wet than heavy snow or arctic cold, when I 1st got my 1st eBike I was determined to ride in all weather, and I have to some degree but I soon based riding my eBike to work and back with how willing I was with dealing with any flats in the open that I could possibly get haha.

But when it is nice out, it is such a joy to use the eBike vs my car: out in the open, wind in my face, enjoying nature, parking anywhere, little to no maintenance compared to a gas car, no need to worry about drivers license, registration, insurance, city stickers, plate stickers, etc. Just get out and go lmao.

I was only a recreational cyclist at best, where I went for long periods of time without touching a bicycle, before I got an eBike. I could see if mass public got wind of the benefits of eBikes how it could change things but as we all know here we are for the most part early adopters. Almost all of my friends and family know about my eBikes and a lot of them have test road mine but not one that I know of has gotten one of their own, so takes time, but things are changing for sure!

But fun times to be around to see certain culture shifts here in the states and around the world when it comes to eBikes/bicycles!

Thanks again for sharing!

Take care, ride safe!
Marc V
We live in a neighborhood with a lot of retired people. After, several of them saw us riding our ebikes a lot, 7 folks have purchased their own ebike. I hope it continues to catch on and spread.
I'm not as hopeful as you all. :p

Americans love their cars and gas is cheap. Unlike in much of the world, the vast, vast majority of americans have never used bikes as transportation, kids don't even ride to school anymore. All of our infrastructure is designed around cars, when I see bike lanes added here that take away from car lanes, people lose their minds. Seriously, they don't see humans on bikes as anything less than an interloper. Increasing bike lanes and paths takes decades and so much political will power. Then you get into the scale.... we're into sprawl if you haven't noticed. People often live a long way from all the places they like to go.

I've been riding bikes for fun and as a car alternative for 20 years, I just don't think people consciously using a bike instead of a car will ever be mainstream, there's too many obstacles for most people. Traffic, weather, distance, carrying capacity, security. Will people buy ebikes to ride around for fun on a nice day? Sure, and that's awesome. Will they commute to work when it might rain? Nope.
In large cities the advantages of ebike commuting are obvious with traffic and parking being huge problems. EV's in general are the future as gasoline will not be available indefinitely.