New to G2 - Some Q's - Head stock play? "Shock"? & Chain slipping within 3rd gear?


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New G2 owner and troubleshooting some issues. Thought about multiple threads but opted for all Qs here. Hope that is ok!

Q1) Some play in heat stock when front tire is held and bars are turned L/R. Upon investigation there is wear and aluminum shavings on the vertical surface of the 'keyed' semi circular upper fork tube that runs thru the upper bearing race. I assume there may be wear on the bottom one too just haven't taken it apart that far. I think there may also be play between the bearing races and the neck tube. Bearings seem tight in their races. Have these issues been seen before? Fixes?

Q2) Is there supposed to be a cushion or rubber stop inside the female portion of the shock? Looks that way from videos but I don't think mine has one - no play anyway. Thoughts?

Q3) Chain slips in top gear occasionally under pedal load. Rear gear-set was replaced 300 miles ago (last year) by previous owner. Is there a follow up adjustment required, or...?

Thanks in advance for your time!